What we talk about when we talk about karaoke

A karaoke podcast that is the direct result of when boredom meets fandom.

Every episode, Adam Wainwright and Ed Cunard discuss their shared passion of karaoke through a variety of topics--karaoke current events, genres of music done at karaoke, advice for people new to the karaoke world. They talk to karaoke singers, KJs, comedians, musicians, actors, authors, podcasters--really, anyone with a love of karaoke and a story to tell has a place on the show.

Each episode typically finishes off with a quickfire karaoke game where Adam and Ed fire off five questions at the guest, and then the guest fires one right back at them. And, when possible, they feature the guest performing karaoke so you don't have to hear them do it.

The Greatest Song Ever Sung (Poorly) is available on pretty much every major podcast service--see all those buttons? Those are links to subscribe and follow. You'll get a steaming hot cup of GSESP coffee in your podcast feed every other Wednesday morning, just in time for that hump day commute. There's also a Facebook group to interact with episodes and other listeners, if that's your cup of online tea. 

About the Hosts

Gabe CetraProfile Photo

Gabe Cetra

Facebook Group Moderator

Episode 8 Guest and Esteemed Facebook Group Moderator Gabe Cetra is the unsung hero of the podcast, of backyard punk rock shows, and of two entirely too charming dogs. At some point, you may get to hear him play with Photo Joe and the Negatives if you are seeing gigs in the Pittsburgh area.

We just fucking love Gabe, man.

Ben DummProfile Photo

Ben Dumm


Ben Dumm will have a real, grown-up bio soon, but he's real busy working on music (both for his personal projects and his professional ones). He graciously let us use his song "Gasoline" as our theme and bumper music. He's got lots of music to check out, and does commissions for commercial projects that require a music bed:

Current Music:

The Ben Dumm 3

Past Projects:

The Marauders
Ben Dumm and the Deviants

Ed CunardProfile Photo

Ed Cunard

Podcast Co-Host

Co-host and chief researcher for the podcast, Ed Cunard comes by his catholic knowledge of all things music honestly--he's oddly two degrees of separation away from a lot of old school musicians through his grandparents. The biggest gap in his musical education is how to actually make music that doesn't sound awful. When not singing in bars, he works as Director of Operations for a sales company, which almost makes sense with all those English degrees he's still paying for. He lives in the middle of nowhere with nine cats and two dogs.

Adam WainwrightProfile Photo

Adam Wainwright

Podcast Host

Much like the protagonist of "I've Been Everywhere," Adam Wainwright has, in fact, been pretty much everywhere--all across the US, Japan, Australia. And, if there's a place with karaoke in his whirlwind path, Adam has probably already sang karaoke there. Currently, he lives in Newark, NJ, making use of that sweet, sweet GI Bill to get some continuing education.