The Official TGSESP Logo T-Shirt

Have you ever thought, "gee, I wish I had an easy way to share my love of 'The Greatest Song Ever Sung (Poorly)' with absolute strangers?" This plain logo t-shirt will let you do just that, and in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes! It can also be a conversation starter--it's up to you whether you tell folks if you sing as poorly as Ed does, or as awesomely as Adam belts it out.


A Karaoke Shirt, But Make It Hipster


But karaoke.


The TGSESP Motto For Life

If you want to know what keeps Adam and Ed going, this is it. And these shirts are comfy--that tag is not a misnomer.


AI Generated Karaoke Art?

Yeah, blame Tanner Campbell for this one--this time, that blame would be relevant, as his group introduced us to this weird AI art generator. Thanks, Tanner. But, yeah, this is what we got when we typed in "karaoke basquiat" and we pretty much love it. We truly do live in the future. It's a future with Tanner Campbell, but we'll take what we can get.


カラオケ(Karaoke) Comfort Tee

I mean, if you know, you know. Or you used Google Translate, and then compared to images of karaoke bars in Japan. Either way, pay homage to karaoke's birthplace on your chest.


Noraebang apparel

Share your love of Korean noraebang (literally: "sing room") on your chest!


The TGSESP Baseball T-Shirt

Look, you don't have to sing "Centerfield" by John Fogerty while you wear this. Maybe you just want to show off half of your forearm while singing. Maybe you're just very pedantic and want to tell people "well, actually, it's not a baseball tee--it's a raglan sleeve." And if you do, and want to hold one arm behind your back while singing "Waterloo" by ABBA to see if anyone gets the entirely-too-niche joke that's not actually funny, that's also something you can do in this shirt.


The TGSESP Hoodie

Lots of places are bringing their karaoke outside now, whether for a burst of fresh air or to mitigate airborne illness but, hey, being outside can be chilly. You'll somehow be both warm AND cool while wearing the TGSESP hoodie.


Karaoke is for Lovers t-shirt

Karaoke is a great place to meet people, and is often a place where relationships start (whether those relationships last years, or just one night). We're not saying people won't make fun of you if everyone in the relationship wears one of these on a karaoke date night, but love conquers all, right?


Karaoke Party At Home Decorative Pillow

Some of us are doing karaoke at home to avoid germs, and others are doing it to avoid having to be out around strangers, and others still are actively trying to save others from hearing their singing. Whatever reason you're having your karaoke party at home, you can get cozy with this pillow that celebrates all of the best things of karaoke at home.


Show End Motivational Canvas Print

This is "The Greatest Song Ever Sung (Poorly)" version of "live, laugh, love." Even you did something and it wasn't up to par, you still DID THE THING, and this is our episode sign off reminder of that. Sing your songs, folks!



If you're like Ed, and drink your coffee black, sometimes it's nice to be able to see into the mug and not an endless pit of "is it coffee? Is it mug? Is it a vast, unending chasm of despair?" This lets you see your black coffee AND our wonderful logo and tag line. It's a win-win, really.


The TGSESP Motto For Life Mug

Ok, it's not the holy grail but, in all fairness, you don't have to step across tiles written in Greek to get it--you just need to plop down $15 and you can drink whatever you like out of it.


The TGSESP Travel Mug

We're pretty sure we're obligated to tell you this is for coffee, but you do you, boo.


The Official TGSESP Pint Glass

Ok, now *this* feels more like karaoke. Whether you're pounding a domestic beer, lifting your pinkie for a fancy local brewery IPA (probably), or drinking literally any potable liquid, you can now rep your favorite karaoke trivia, talk, and interview podcast while doing it. Hell, buy four for your home bar. If everyone drinks enough, spontaneous karaoke might happen.


The TGSESP Bucket Hat

'80s hip hop never went out of style, and if you want to belt out how your mother told you that you should probably knock someone out at karaoke, you can channel your inner Queens legend and bite his '80s style when you do it.


The TGSESP Notebook

Available in both hardbound and spiral, if you're a pen-and-paper karaoke person, this is a great way to document your karaoke nights and jot notes about what to sing and what to "never, ever, ever sing again, oh my god, that was awful."

The GSESP Die-cut Sticker

This might go good on a vehicle bumper? We dunno. But we wanted to make a sticker, so we made a sticker.



There's nothing that says "punk rock" like a karaoke podcast logo pin. Probably. I mean, karaoke is pretty punk--amateur singing done loudly and proudly.


Cartoon Hosts and Logo

We solicited some new logos, and probably aren't going to use any of them, but they make for some fun things. And, let's face it, we look better as cartoons. The cartoon versions of us probably sing better, too.


Air Quotes

Adam loves doing air quotes. Adam brings up "air quotes" nearly every time he says "quick fire game." He just can't get enough of "air quotes." Now, you can memorialize him and "his love of air quotes" on your "meat billboard."