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Absolutely love the concept for this show. It's really hard to pull off a music podcast but The Greatest Song Ever Sung (Poorly) hits the nail on the head. Listen if you love intelligent discussions about music (and karaoke)!

As a karaoke host, I love this show

I’ve been hosting karaoke for 22 years, and this show captures the spirit and joy of a great karaoke night.

An absolute joy of a show. Adam and Ed have a fantastic rapport and the guests always bring fantastic stories. Whether you love karaoke or run away in terror at the mere sight of a microphone, you'll find something to enjoy.

The Passion Is Contagious

I’ve always been pretty chicken when it comes to karaoke, but after listening to an episode of this show, I always want to find my nearest karaoke bar and cue up my favorite song! The best podcasts make you feel as enthusiastic about a subject as the hosts feel, and this show delivers in spades.

If you're a karaoke lover, this podcast is a must, and will have you remembering good times and nodding along in recognition as Ed and Adam share stories of karaoke nights past and present. But even if you're not a karaoke person, they interview a wide range of interesting people, sometimes rather prominent people, who happen to share their love of karaoke. The show is well-produced, and full of passion! Check it out!

Love it!

Checked out the These People,These Karaoke Monsters episode.So much fun! Great host! Very present with their guest. Was a little surprised to see how much the comic world and the karaoke world crossover. I'm also a sucker for a trivia game! Very entertaining and now I want to go to Karaoke. ☺️

Great energy, a fun listen

The hosts have such a good chemistry and are truest excited about karaoke-I didn’t realize how interesting it could be until listening! A fun show, definitely worth it

I Don’t Sing, But I Love This

So, I don’t actually SING karaoke, but I love attending as an audience member. So this show still totally speaks to me. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s quick, and it’s all around enjoyable.

What is this podcast about?

It’s about karaoke. Do they do karaoke on the podcast? No, they talk about karaoke. Honestly, I have no idea what it’s about, but I can’t stop listening. Yeah, sounds weird, right? But it totally works. Super funny, interesting topics, great hosts, wide range of guests.

Oddly fun

These guys really love karaoke. They are goofballs in the best way.

The Karaoke Podcast You Never Knew You Needed

These guys know karaoke culture better than anyone I know and provide a solid perspective for the seasoned and uninitiated alike. From the life of the VJ to the top taboo songs to avoid Adam and Ed cover it all with humor and energy. Check em out.

Fun and Relatable

Awesome!!! The banter between these two friends reminiscing about various karaoke adventures was so much fun to listen to. Never a dull moment. Comedic. And you can most likely relate to what they speak on whether you sang karaoke before or were present when it was being done. I highly recommend this podcast! Can't wait for more.

Surprisingly fun

I am not a big karaoke guy, but I had fun listening to this.