If you want more of us in feeds other than ours, you can catch us on these episodes of other podcasts:

On karaoke and music:

This Is Good For You (Episode 11: Karaoke is Good for You): Ed talks to host Nichole Perkins about his love of karaoke. (9 July 2021)

Memories with a Beat ("Get Better" with Ed Cunard): Ed talks to Tiffany Mason about karaoke and his love of Frank Turner's song "Get Better." (11 November 2021)

Good People, Cool Things (#111: Karaoke Stories and Travel Tales with The Greatest Song Ever): Adam and Ed talk to Joey Held about the podcast and their love of karaoke. (27 April 2022)

Playlist Wars (The Battle of Motown): Ed joins Brian Colburn and Philip Bergman to battle with three fantastic ten song Motown playlists. Spoiler alert: Ed didn't win. (28 June 2022)

Time For Your Hobby (Just One More Song): Ed joins Alex for a long talk on karaoke: how he got into it, what he loves about it, and some karaoke memories. (21 August 2022)


On other topics:

Every Rom Com (Every Rom Com #34: Chasing Amy): Ed talks to Jennifer Howell and Serena Young about Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy, queer representation, how men are bad at relationships, and that banger of a song Joey Lauren Adams wrote and performed in the film. (6 May 2022)

Mastering the Podcaster Mindset (5 Different Viewpoints on the Benefits of Attending Podfest Expo): Ed appears on a panel about the podcast convention experience, hosted by Tiphany Kane and David Sais of KaSa Media Productions. (13 June 2022)

Every Rom Com (Every Rom Com #37: My Best Friend's Wedding): Ed returns to the show with Jennifer Howell and Serena Young for a movie with a famous karaoke scene: My Best Friend's Wedding. There's a wedding music challenge and a discussion of the gay male best friend trope. (14 June 2022)

Mastering the Podcaster Mindset ("The Greatest Song Ever Sung (Poorly)" Member Spotlight with Ed Cunard): Ed goes into "how the sausage is made" with the podcast, including tips for avoiding burnout, personal metrics for success, and advice for newer podcasters. (17 June 2022)

Every Rom Com (Every Rom Com #39: The Philadelphia Story): Ed joins Jennifer Howell and Sophia Gilbert about an all-time great romantic comedy and provides his attempt at a Jimmy Stewart impression. (8 July 2022)