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These folks get on stages for a reason other than singing--they make folks laugh. But, obviously, they've been on a karaoke stage or eleven, or they wouldn't be appearing on this podcast.
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Finding Your Karaoke Voice (or Voices) with Comedian and Impressionist Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

April 20, 2022

Karaoke is all about singing, right? That should be obvious, but what's a little less obvious is finding your voice. Do you sing like yourself, in your natural voice? Do you try to imitate the original artist? Ed makes the …

Karaoke Singer Comedian Bar Karaoke

Episode 7 - Karaoke is Funny?

June 11, 2021

World's collide on this week's episode of TGSESP as comedy and karaoke merge to make one big ball of warm soup. Ed demonstrates his knowledge (or lack there of) of Weird Al, Adam brings back an "old" segment, Adam and Ed bot…