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Geekset is an emerging collective that started as a podcast reaching global notoriety by being the only place that blends Hip-Hop Culture & Geek Culture in one place. Think Comicbook Men meets Drink Champs & you have Geekset. Lead by 1 Artist, 2 Music Producers & an Engineer, Deuces, Bacardi, Lib & Didge have successfully become the hub to curate and combine the two. From releasing podcast episode, to delivery convention coverage, to breaking down properties, Geekset has it all.

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Hip Hop at Karaoke: The Don't, the Do, and the Deuces

May 4, 2022

Let's be honest--when it comes to talking about hip hop, you probably don't want to hear two middle-aged white guys wax philosophical about it. Hell, neither do your hosts Adam and Ed. But when it comes to talking about hip …

Guest: Young Deuces