Aug. 24, 2022

That Struts and Frets Their Hour Upon the Stage: Live Band Karaoke with Tom Medvitz of Lead Singer Wanted

That Struts and Frets Their Hour Upon the Stage: Live Band Karaoke with Tom Medvitz of Lead Singer Wanted

Listen. There’s really nothing Adam and Ed love more than karaoke–that should be obvious nearly two years into this podcast. But as much as they love regular karaoke, they recognize that there’s something special about one of the varieties of it–that’s live band karaoke, the closest they’ll ever feel to being rockstars. And they want you to be rockstars, too, which is why they talk about some of the bands and places around the country you can hit to get that rock star experience: Punk Rock Karaoke in CA (and the high seas!); Rising Star in Orlando, FL; Karaoke from Hell in Portland, Oregon; Live Band Karaoke (that’s the name of the band) in Chicago, IL; and Casual Encounters in Los Angeles, CA.

Check out that proper semicolon use.

One of the ways the fellas celebrated Adam’s bachelor party was by attending a gig done by Pittsburgh’s premiere live band karaoke acts, Lead Singer Wanted, which prompted the whole idea for this episode. They talk to Tom Medvitz, founder and guitarist for the band, on what the differences are between hosting a regular karaoke gig and doing a live band karaoke gig, the way that song lists are decided, and what the karaoke scenes in Portland, OR and Pittsburgh, PA are like.

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Tom Medvitz is the guitar player (and software developer) for the Pittsburgh-based live karaoke band Lead Singer Wanted. They play shows about once per month and always have a blast getting their crowd on stage to experience Rock Stardom! Web site: • Facebook Page: Lead Singer Wanted • Instagram: @leadsingerwanted