Oct. 5, 2022

We Have a Karaoke Podcast: Karaoke Personas and Branding with Vinnie Potestivo from "I Have a Podcast"

We Have a Karaoke Podcast: Karaoke Personas and Branding with Vinnie Potestivo from

In their 1978 song “Who Are You,” The Who asked “who are you? Who, who, who, who,” and in this episode, Adam and Ed ask the same question: who are you… at karaoke? Are you the same person on and off stage? Do you change who you are for different venues, different crowds? The trivia focuses on the same, sort of: artists who have crafted and released music under other personas (the trivia intro songs just keep getting worse and worse). It’s all about personal brands and identity in this hour or so.

Why the focus on making your mark as a brand or a talent, you ask? Today, the guys talk to Vinnie Potestivo, a man who credits the success in his career as a casting director and brand developer to karaoke–MTV’s “Say What Karaoke,” in particular, which kicked off his incredible journey. He shares his experiences there, as well as some great behind-the-scenes karaoke stories from that show and others.

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Theme song: "Gasoline" by Ben Dumm and the Deviants. Make sure to check out Ben's newest music at The Ben Dumm 3.

Vinnie Potestivo is an industry-leading media and talent innovator who is widely known for his inclusive and impactful approach to brand building and personal brand development. With over 25 years of experience, he and his teams have become well-trusted connectors who sell, develop, produce, launch, distribute, and amplify some of the most talked-about original series & talent brands in modern pop culture.

Personal brands Vinnie has helped elevate through the use of original content include Mandy Moore, Ashton Kutc/her, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Tyrese Gibson, Lauren Conrad, Diane von Furstenberg, Rob Lowe, Danielle Fishel, Peter Thomas Roth, Kelly Osbourne, Kristin Cavallari, Nasir “Nas” Jones, Molly Sims, Vanessa Lachey, Susie Castillo, Damien Fahey, Quddus, Suchin Pak, Gideon Yago, Will.i.am, Ebro, DJ Clue, LaLa Anthony, Hilary Duff, and Leah McSweeney among others.

Corporate brands VPE: Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, Inc. (vpetalent.com) has worked closely with include Macy’s, Samsung, Nikon, MLB, Peter Thomas Roth, June Jacobs Spa, Naturally Serious Skin, Kiehl’s, Hope Fragrances, Ciroc, Dow, Lady Foot Locker, AARP, Prudential & Allstate.

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Vinnie can be seen on linkedin.com/in/vinniepotestivo where he shares business and brand strategies for people looking to inspire and impact with media. You can also find him at instagram.com/vinniepotestivo where he over-shares photos of his two mini-schnauzers @BeauWellington and @DudleyGreenfield.