Aug. 28, 2021

Episode 12 - The Birthplace of Karaoke

Episode 12 - The Birthplace of Karaoke

This week on TGSESP, we decide it's time we acknowledge our bias as Western karaoke people and talk more about karaoke in it's birthplace, JAPAN. Highlights include: Adam's experiences in Japan, scanning our catchphrase, ASMR, a new challenge, a new segment ONLY for Ben Dumm, Ed's gastrointestinal distress, ACTUAL insight into karaoke in Japan, FAME, an adorable love story and our guest, coming straight to your ears from Japan, Ayumi Shinozaki schooling us and then singing for the good of the world.

Guest: Ayumi Shinozaki - Host of 'Sparkleside Chats with Magical Girl Ayu' podcast

Theme Song: 'Gasoline' by Ben Dumm and the Deviants

Bed music in 'Heads Up' segment courtesy of Bensound