July 28, 2021

Episode 10 - Now This Here's a Story..

Episode 10 - Now This Here's a Story..

This week on TGSESP, we take a deep dive into the world of storytelling and how it applies to karaoke. While Ed and I clearly have stories for days, we thought it best to consult an expert so we were delighted to have Mara Wilson join us to talk about karaoke, kitties, storytelling, kitties, musicals, kitties, and so much more! Here's what else to expect: terrible Space Odyssey orchestrations, a deep dive into famous storytellers, Adam challenges Ed, and a rousing rendition of Britney Spears' 'Toxic'.

Guest: Mara Wilson

Twitter & IG: @marawilson

Writing: mara.substack.com

Donate: tinyurl.com/unhousedlosfeliz



Theme song 'Gasoline' by Ben Dumm and the Deviants